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Helpful advice

Here are some advice you should keep in mind when shopping for lingerie:

-Buy two panties for every bra. The bra can often be used for two or more days while the panty should be changed daily. This way you will always have a matching underwear set.​

-Check your measurements regularly, preferably every 6 months, to make sure your bras fit perfectly.

-Straps that are correctly tightened provide about 20% of the support. Check and tighten the straps every time you wear the bra.

-When you try on a new bra, it should always be attached to the outer lock so you can tighten it as the fabric stretch over time. Read more about how to get the bra to fit perfectly.

-Handwash or use a gentle hand wash program to keep your bras beautiful for as long as possible. And remember to always put the bra in a laundry bag before washing.

-You should not put you bras in the tumble dryer. We also recommend that you let them dry on a flat surface.