A bra size consists of one number and one letter that indicates the size of the ribbon and the cups. To find your size we recommend using a tape measure and measure the distance around the chest just below the bust without clothes. Make sure that the tape measure is horizontal and that record the measurement when the tape is tight but not uncomfortable.

The size of the cup is based on the size of the ribbon. Use a tape measure again, but this time you will write down the measurement without tightening. If you already have a bra without padding, you may want to have this on when you measure around the bust.

The size of the cup is determined by the ratio between the size around and below the bust. This means that a cup size is not the same regardless of the size of the ribbon. For example, a bra with the size 80C, will have be significantly larger cup than a bra of size 70C. This means that if you go up a size in the ribbon you will usually drop a size in the cup at the same time.

Once you’ve found your targets below and around the bust, you can add these to our calculator below to get your size. The calculator is very sensitive, so it is important that the measurements are extremely accurate.